Alamo Drafthouse held two women-only screenings Tuesday of the superhero blockbuster Wonder Woman at its Sixth Street location.

The head of AMC Entertainment said this week that he’s open to allowing texting inside movie theaters. Adam Aron told Variety at the CinemaCon trade show this week in Las Vegas that the industry needs to keep young people going to the movies. But will moviegoers revolt?

Here & Now’s Robin Young speaks with business journalist Ali Velshi about the prospects for texting in the theater.

Spotlight (upper left), The Martian (upper right), Room (bottom left), and The Big Short (bottom right)

The 88th Academy Awards will go down in history for a few reasons: #OscarsSoWhite criticized the lack of diversity in this year's nominees. It will also go down as a year with several very good movies vying for the top prizes. Spotlight, The Revenant, The Big Short, Room and more, all great movies with exceptional performances. 


Deborah Conner

Kerrville's Symphony of the Hills performs this weekend. TPR's Jack Morgan got a preview from their conductor and artistic director Gene Dowdy.

"It's called A Night at the Movies. We're going to be featuring music from some of the greatest movies of all time," he says.

It's a really diverse collection, too, I noted to him. Dowdy laughed.