David Martin Davies / Texas Public Radio

On this episode of “Texas Matters”:

  • How are anti-Trump activists preparing for the possibility that President Trump will fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller?
  • New data shows that the Texas maternal mortality problem isn’t as bad as it was thought. So now what (11:10)?
  • How the Farm Bill could take away benefits from the poor in Texas (22:50).

Shelley Kofler / Texas Public Radio

San Antonio is one of the most economically segregated cities in the country.  That’s what a 2015 study by urban scholar Richard Florida found when he looked at which U. S. cities have the highest concentration of wealthy and low-income residents living in separate neighborhoods.

As San Antonio leaders look for solutions to economic segregation, a housing development 80 miles to the north encourages people with widely different incomes to live side-by-side.

For this week’s Growing Pains project on housing we traveled to Austin to see how the Mueller community hopes to bridge the economic divide.