For many San Antonio area residents it’s been a day of giving thanks for the few injuries suffered when four tornadoes tore through the area Sunday night. No one was seriously hurt, but there was plenty of damage when winds of up to 110 miles per hour slammed into buildings and homes.  

The San Antonio Fire Department alone reported 43 homes damaged, along with eight apartment buildings. Outside the city limits the country reported more destruction.


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The National Weather Service has confirmed that four tornadoes touched down in and around San Antonio Sunday night leaving in their wake damaged houses, downed trees and debris strewn down city streets.

The first tornado to be confirmed was an EF-1 rated tornado that hit north central San Antonio in the area of Highway 281 and the Quarry.

Louisa Jonas / Texas Public Radio

There’s concern in Bexar County that the number of third graders reading on grade level is low. That leaves them at risk for dropping out of high school, unemployment or worse.  TPR’s Louisa Jonas reports a tutoring program through SAReads is hoping to reverse the trend. Teachers are using a method of instruction that researchers say is proven, but isn’t used enough.

Texas Army National Guard

Gov. Greg Abbott isn’t saying whether he would deploy Texas’ National Guard troops for immigration enforcement if President Donald Trump made that request.

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A San Antonio physician is determined to change the way the medical community thinks about and treats cancer. He’s an oncologist with a vision. And his newest endeavor is the San Antonio 1000 Cancer Genome Project.

In a lab on San Antonio’s Northwest side, hundreds of tumor samples are kept frozen in liquid nitrogen tanks.