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Monday was the last day anyone could file their candidacy in a statewide primary election.  And one of those candidates making a last minute filing is former Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson.

Ryan Poppe / Texas Public Radio

Jerry Patterson announced he will file his candidacy to run against current General Land Office Commissioner George P. Bush during the Republican primaries in March.


“At this point in life it’s not exactly what I had planned nor is it my first choice, but I’ve watched this agency over the last three years essentially crater,” Patterson said.


Ryan E. Poppe

Updated 2 p.m. Dec. 11 

More anonymous female staffers at the state Capitol have come forward to say they have been sexually harassed and groped by male lawmakers.

Advocates say it’s important that these women be allowed to remain anonymous while reporting sexual misconduct at the Capitol.

David Martin Davies

Hurricane Harvey isn't the first major storm to hit Texas and it won’t be the last.

So what can we learn from looking at how past disasters were handled to do a better job of making sure that the vulnerable get the help they need?

We spoke with  Steve Kroll-Smith, a professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and author of two books looking at Hurricane Katrina’s recovery, about this recovery, and then TPR contributor Yvette Benavides reflects on the holiday season on this episode of "Texas Matters."

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The San Antonio International Airport received 1.9 inches of snow Thursday night, while other parts of Bexar County saw up to 2.5 inches.


That’s the largest amount of snow to have fallen in the Alamo city area in more than 30 years.