Ryan Poppe

The State Capitol is a lot quieter now that the special session is over and it looks like it will stay that way for a while.  The Texas Attorney General’s office will not ask Gov. Greg Abbott for a second special session over the state’s redistricting fight.

David Martin Davies / Texas Public Radio

San Antonio could become the first city in Texas to adopt an ordinance that would crack down on crack pipes and other drug paraphilia. 

Steve Short / TPR

The much anticipated solar eclipse will happen on Monday. Texas is not in the path of totality. We will only experience a partial eclipse. That means only part of the sun’s light will be blocked by the moon.

It can be dangerous to look directly at the sun and regular sunglasses will not protect your eyes. Dr. Joe Pendon is the Emergency Department Medical Director of CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital.

UT Health San Antonio

The fight against cancer in San Antonio got a multi-million dollar boost Thursday.


The Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas – called CPRIT – awarded three UT Health San Antonio projects $3.5 million dollars.


Wendy Rigby / Texas Public Radio

Brain health research is a major focus at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Scientists in one lab are working on a new theory about what may cause Alzheimer’s disease and potential ways to treat it.