Northside ISD

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According to district officials, an assistant coach at John Jay High School in San Antonio has admitted he told two players to blindside a referee while playing a game against Marble Falls High School on Friday, September 4.  But news of coach’s directive isn’t as surprising to those studying the changing ethics of the game.

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Tonight the John Jay High School Football team will play its first game since two football players tackled a referee last week in a match against Marble Falls.

Ryan E. Poppe

The University Interscholastic League (UIL) says it will not suspend San Antonio's John Jay High School from playing in future football games this season.

Members of the UIL executive committee made that announcement Wednesday morning after a public meeting with representatives from the Northside Independent School District, the Marble Falls School District, and members of the Texas Association of Sports Officials. 

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Depending on where you go to school, getting caught skipping repeatedly in San Antonio could mean anything from a slap on the wrist to a day in court. The disparity in how school districts addressed the problem plaguing the city concerned many. 

A task force composed of city, county, and state lawmakers, as well as school officials, was formed to address the problems of truancy in San Antonio. One of the chief goals was to address the root causes and keep kids out of a courtroom.

Texas Education Agency

Following a surge of Central American minors crossing  into the United States illegally, the state of Texas is attempting to figure out what to do about their education. 

A 1982 Supreme Court ruing mandated that all states would be required to provide an education to migrant children regardless of legal status. With the recent increase of Central American children, the  Texas Education Agency is not sure what to do.