Greg Gorman / Los Angeles Grand Opera

Monday seemed a hectic day for me, but not nearly as hectic as a normal day for 76 year old Placido Domingo. I waited near the phone, assured that Maestro Domingo would take some time out of his busy day of rehearsals for Giuseppe Verdi's Nabucco, in Los Angeles, to give me a call.

What does it take to be an opera superstar? Jonas Kaufmann should know. He's been called "the world's greatest tenor."

Kaufmann has the voice. He's also got the onstage charisma, the movie-star good looks, the ambition, even a little controversy — and a brand new album.

Kristian Jaime

The Alamo City Opera's first event of their season is this weekend and  you might be surprised at it. The surprise is in how little it sounds like a regular opera.

"It is a really fun concept for an opera. The opera unfolds a night in Joe's Bar where they have a weekly speed-dating event."

Music Director Kristin Roach seems to really be having fun with it.

"Each of the characters in this show comes forward and introduces themselves to somebody sitting across the table from them."

We Shall Not Be Moved is a new opera that takes its name from both the old spiritual-turned-civil-rights anthem and the Philadelphia black liberation group, MOVE. That group might be best-remembered for a 1985 tragedy: A police helicopter bombed the MOVE house, and the resulting fire killed 11 people and destroyed 62 homes in the neighborhood.

The opera, presented by Opera Philadelphia with the Apollo Theater, had its world premiere Sept. 16. It revisits that house and its ghosts, while remaining centered on stories about young people in Philadelphia today.