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Bexar County is suing several brand-name opioid manufacturers and distributors. The suit was filed in a Bexar County district court instead of on the federal level to prevent it from being consolidated with other similar cases.

Texas Sues The Maker Of OxyContin Over The Opioid Epidemic

May 16, 2018

Attorney General Ken Paxton is leading Texas into a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma for exacerbating the opioid crisis among Texans.

In an announcement Tuesday afternoon, Paxton, a Republican, flanked by several assistant attorney generals, said the state is taking the drug maker to court for misrepresenting the risks of opioid addiction.

Prince's heirs have filed a wrongful death suit against the drugstore chain Walgreens and an Illinois hospital where the singer was treated, then released, the week before his fatal overdose in 2016.

Minnesota Public Radio's Matt Sepic reports that attorneys representing Prince's estate allege that Trinity Medical Center, in Moline, Ill., where Prince's plane made an emergency landing on April 15, 2016, failed to appropriately diagnose and treat his overdose.

The singer was given two doses of Naloxone, a drug designed to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

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Overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States.

David Martin Davies

Texas is no stranger to the ongoing opioid epidemic seen across the country. And that is one of the reasons why state lawmakers are trying to determine what laws might be necessary to break the cycle of abuse.