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3:23 pm
Fri January 10, 2014

'Venus In Fur,' The Playhouse's Sexy And Cerebral Show That's Not For The Kids

Venus in Fur poster
Siggi Ragnar

The Playhouse is about to begin a play that is raising a few eyebrows because of what the play is about.

"'Venus in Fur' is a play adaptation by David Ives of the novel published first in German in 1870 by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch," said John O’Neil, who directs the production.

But there’s no getting around it, the show is about sex.

"Sexy, erotic, sensuous, but not trashy, if that makes any sense," O’Neil said.

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3:13 pm
Wed December 4, 2013

Playhouse Rennovations Continue Amid Productions

Playhouse in progress
Asia Ciaravino

As if putting on large scale plays and musicals weren’t enough work, The Playhouse had to find a way to put itself back together after weather damage it suffered from a thunderstorm last May. A rain-damaged roof soaked through and ceiling plaster came raining down on the seats at their Russell Hill Rogers Theater.

As Playhouse CEO Asia Ciaravino notes, fixing a theater is tough work for people who just want to entertain you in one.

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11:16 am
Fri November 22, 2013

Try Something Different This Holiday With 'Guys And Dolls' At The Playhouse

"Guys and Dolls" cast.
Siggi Ragnar

The Playhouse comes off of their production of "Les Miserables" to tackle an old standard: "Guys and Dolls," which has been done multiple times on Broadway, and of course, in Hollywood.

On Friday, December 6, The Playhouse mounts its production at the Russell Hill Rogers Theatre.

"It has such a solid cast," said Chris Berry, who plays Sky Masterson. Berry talked about how tough -- and fun -- it is to tackle a classic:

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12:57 pm
Wed October 9, 2013

"Les Miserables" At The Playhouse

Les Miserables
Siggi Ragnar

The Playhouse San Antonio is taking on "Les Miserables," a production on the largest of scales.

"'Les Mis' is obviously the most epic musical ever, and this is one of those musicals where every actor, every designer, every director has wanted to do their whole lives," said Playhouse CEO Asia Ciaravino.

Set in the first half of 1800s France, this production has connected with audiences for decades because of its evergreen human themes.

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9:39 am
Fri May 31, 2013

The Playhouse Re-Opening Saturday After Flood Damage Clean Up

Fans blow hot air to evaporate the water-logged carpet.
Eileen Pace TPR

At 8 a.m. Saturday Asia Ciaravino raced down to The Playhouse theater to find a disaster falling from the ceiling.

"The plaster actually came loose a bit... [a] six-foot slab of it smashed onto the audience floor," she said.

Ciaravino, The Playhouse CEO and president, said one staff member was working at the time and heard the collapse after heavy rains collected on the roof, pouring onto the ceiling area and dropping everything to the carpeted theater floor of the Russell Hill Rogers Theater.

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