White House Tightens Rules On Chemical Disclosure In Fracking

Mar 20, 2015

WASHINGTON  — The Obama administration is requiring companies that drill for oil and natural gas on federal lands to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing operations.

A final rule released Friday also updates requirements for well construction and disposal of water and other fluids used in fracking, a drilling method that has prompted an ongoing boom in natural gas production.

Courtesy of Waste Control Specialists LLC

The sole provider of low-level nuclear waste disposal in the state sits in Andrews, Texas, on 1,338 acres of red clay.

The clay and 7 ft. of concrete and reinforced steel are what Waste Control Specialists say will protect the environment from the 2 million cubic tons of waste WCS is allowed to store above it.  

But that number just went way up, and the legal liability of the company -- should the company fold -- just went way down.

Waste Control Specialists had major victories yesterday.

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City of San Antonio

The state of Texas will be helping San Antonio meet air quality standards. During a city council committee meeting Wednesday, San Antonio's intergovernmental relations director, Jeff Coyle, told members that a plan will be drafted by the state to allow local leaders to choose how to best solve the region's air quality needs.

The state has agreed to do a draft a study for San Antonio to identify air quality solutions that local leaders can implement.


Newly proposed Environmental Protection Agency rules for existing coal-fired power plants have several state and federal officials up in arms over the possible economic impact for Texas businesses.

This year the EPA plans to implement rules on existing coal-fired power plants, which will have three years to fix and update their facilities or face hefty fines.