President Obama

President Obama shortened the prison sentences of 111 inmates Tuesday, including 35 people who had expected to spend the rest of their lives in federal custody, authorities told NPR.

When President Obama lifted the ban on U.S. weapons sales to Vietnam, he invoked one of his favorite themes — relics of the Cold War.

"This change will ensure that Vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself and removes a lingering vestige of the Cold War," Obama said Monday in the capital, Hanoi.

He sounded a lot like the president who made a groundbreaking visit to Cuba in March:

Ryan Poppe / Texas Public Radio

Governor Greg Abbott and some gun sellers are pushing back against President Obama’s potential plans that target firearm sales at gun shows. 

As part of his weekly radio address, President Obama announced that he would be issuing an executive order that requires a background check be conducted on all gun sales, including those at gun shows.  

Tim Finucane owns and operates the Premier Gun Show, which operates in all major Texas cities including at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio. 

In a recent interview with NPR, President Obama talks about what question he'd pose to the people who want his job — that is, the current field of presidential candidates.