Public Education

Eileen Pace / TPR News

The State of Texas lacks public school counselors. According to a study by the Ray Marshall Center for the study of Human Resources, they were the first positions eliminated after the deep public school funding cuts of 2011. The student-to-counselor ratios in some San Antonio schools, for instance, are more than 600 to one.

Ryan E. Poppe

Hundreds of people were on hand Wednesday at the State Capitol to witness the swearing in of San Antonio’s newest Senator, Democrat José Menéndez.

A crowd gathered in the chamber of the Texas Senate quickly became a who’s who of San Antonio officials, past and present, all in Austin to be part of Menendez’s move from the House to the Senate. He spent  14 years serving San Antonio in the Texas House.

Ryan E. Poppe

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Friendswood Republican Sen. Larry Taylor, the head of the state Senate’s education committee, have identified six education-related bills to be fast-tracked through the Senate, but that priority list does not include a controversial bill that would legalize school choice programs in Texas.

Ryan E. Poppe

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will outline his expectations for the legislative session Tuesday, when he delivers his first State of the State address.

The State of the State gives Abbott the opportunity to let lawmakers know what he expects from them this session. After all, the stroke of a governor’s veto pen can spell the end of bills passed by the legislature.

In advance of the speech, Abbott’s office released an online video that included Texans talking about what they wanted to hear from their elected lawmakers.