Rainy Day Fund

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Water Texas, a political action committee formed by Speaker of the House Joe Strauss, R-San Antonio, and Rep. Allan Ritter, R-Nederland, is getting ready to start a campaign to encourage voters to approve the use of $2 billion from the Rainy Day Fund to help fund the next 50 years of water projects in Texas.

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Just after the start of the third special session of the 83rd Texas Legislature, Speaker of the House Rep. Joe Straus of San Antonio excused over 35 members because of pressing business in their individual districts.

A transportation bill that passed the Senate this week will require 100 votes in the House in order to pass, but the missing members will likely keep the bill from getting enough votes to pass.

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The Texas House has given initial approval to a transportation funding plan that uses money from the gas tax rather than tapping the Rainy Day Fund.

As it stands today, and has since 1991, 20 cents of every gallon used to fill up your car has gone to the state's highway fund with the stipulation that five cents of it would go to fund education.

House Joint Resolution 2, authored by Rep. Joe Pickett, D-El Paso, would stop that diversion. Rep. Larry Phillips, R-Sherman, is the co-sponsor of the bill and explained the difference between the House bill and the Senate version.

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Senate Joint Resolution 2, which was authored by Sen. Robert Nichols, R-Jacksonville, would continually transfer $1.8 billion to transportation once the Rainy Day Fund grew to $6 billion.

Some in the Senate, like Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio, who has seen a decade of being told "no," say the use of the Rainy Day Fund is finally somewhat defined.

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Republicans in the Texas House are planning to revive a water bill that died on the House Floor last week due to a technically.