Rick Perry

Ryan Poppe

Former Governor Rick Perry was the first to drop out of the race for President, but he's still open to playing a role in the White House.

 When asked Friday whether or not he would serve as Trump’s running mate, Perry said he would be open to serving in any role that is asked of him, including as a running mate.

 “In the myriad of areas of which I have served in the State of Texas as it’s governor, that is a set of experiences that will serve this country and if Donald Trump says ‘Perry let’s talk about you serving in this role’, I’m open to it," Perry said.

State Capitol Preservation Board

Visitors at the state capitol can now view another familiar face staring back them.  The state Preservation Board unveiled former Gov. Rick Perry’s capitol portrait Friday.

 One of the big questions had been whether the portrait would feature Perry with or without glasses, a style change that Perry made before his second run for president. 

It features him without glasses.  Perry joked about the matter.

Rick Perry Has No Interest in Third-Party Run, Former Aide Says

Mar 21, 2016
Brett Buchanan / The Texas Tribune

Amid consternation among many establishment Republicans about Donald Trump getting the GOP presidential  nomination, there has been renewed speculation that they could turn to someone who left the campaign in September: former Gov. Rick Perry.

Ryan E. Poppe

Gov. Greg Abbott cast his ballot today in effort to get out the vote.  Despite his lagging poll numbers, the governor still feels confident Cruz will win Texas.

From Texas Standard:

This morning the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals dismissed the second and final felony charge of abuse of power against former Gov. Rick Perry.