Rick Perry

Texas Governor Rick Perry today announced he’s mobilizing a special task force to respond to Ebola and other infectious diseases.  Dr. Brett Giroir of Texas A&M Health Science Center will oversee the 17 person task force which includes state officials from environmental, health, and public safety agencies.

Gov. Perry also called for the federal government to step up its screening of travelers coming from West Africa. He suggested using temperature monitors at airports and creating quarantine centers at ports of entry in the U.S.


A new poll shows a majority of Texans believe the criminal charges against Governor Rick Perry related to his indictment for coercion and abuse of power are strictly political. The poll also points out how the indictment has not changed how people view the governor.

Office of the Governor of Texas

The Texas Enterprise Fund, Governor Rick Perry says it’s a deal closer. With a half billion dollars at his disposal Perry uses it as big pot of money that he can use to bring companies to Texas. Toyota was awarded $40 million to uproot its U.S. headquarters from California to suburban Dallas. SpaceX got $15 million to build the space port in Brownsville. Perry says the fund has been instrumental in helping build Texas' booming economy.

Travis County Jail

A state judge overseeing Texas Governor Rick Perry’s criminal proceedings related to his threat of a veto says the Governor must appear during some of the pre-trial court dates. The Governor’s legal team had requested that their client be excused from all pre-trial hearings because of his position.

A state legislator that has joined Texas Gov. Rick Perry during his Asian Economic Development Trip said investors from China and Japan are poised to provide the private funds needed to grow the state’s economy and fulfill some of its infrastructure needs.

State Rep. Jason Villalba, R-Dallas, said Perry asked him to join him in Beijing to meet with hundreds of Chinese investors that are interested in growing the Texas economy by either providing capital for existing projects or bringing business to the state.