River Walk

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

Large amounts of debris from the demolition site of the Solo Serve building fell into the San Antonio River Walk on Wednesday. About a dozen large plywood boards, scaffolding, and pieces of the once historic building tumbled into river around 3:30 p.m.  Visitor Tim Heidimenn was inside his hotel and saw it collapse.

courtesy Bill Lyons

The City of San Antonio recently revealed the new design of the city's river barges. So, what about River Barge History? The answers lie with a couple of the city's real river barge authorities, and of course, getting onto one of the barges for a tour. 

One of San Antonio's most recognizable symbols is getting a makeover. Three finalists are vying to redesign the river barges that transport tourists and residents along the River Walk.

Louisa Jonas / Texas Public Radio

Native San Antonians and tourists alike flock to the River Walk for dining and recreation. But during the off season, every couple years the San Antonio River Authority drains the waterway, and that’s taking place right now along the city’s River Walk and Museum Reach. 

Jack Morgan

Christmas has come and gone, and those visitors who have come from afar may be starting to get a little bored.  So why not get out and go see the town that many people believe is the most beautiful in the country?


While some places have irregular holiday hours, a lot of things don't, and they're especially great to go see over the holidays.