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The Alamo Heights City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to repeal an ordinance that prohibited any person other than an authorized peace officer from carrying a loaded rifle or shotgun in the city.

Vince Kong / Texas Public Radio

Villanova entered Monday’s NCAA title game at the Alamodome as the biggest favorite since Kentucky in 2012 — both 6.5 point favorites.

And just like their fellow Wildcats, Villanova didn’t disappoint.

Vince Kong / Texas Public Radio

After a tournament filled with upsets and busted brackets, this season’s NCAA tournament will end like it has in many other years — with the usual suspects playing for the national title.

No. 3 Michigan will take on No. 1 Villanova on Monday in the Alamodome. 


The madness of March ends here in San Antonio with the NCAA championship game at the Alamodome. 

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Fiesta 2018 is just three weeks away. At that time, you can expect the return of Fiesta events, flamboyantly dressed royalty, and all-day festivals to make their triumphant return to San Antonio on April 19. But it takes a small army of non-profits to bring Fiesta to life.