San Antonio International Airport

Consolidated Rental Car Facility Planned For SAT

Jun 3, 2015
City of San Antonio

Pending City Council approval, construction on a $165.6 million Consolidated Rental Car Facility, or CONRAC, is set to start at San Antonio International Airport this summer.  The CONRAC, funded by a Customer Facility Charge, will provide a conveniently located facility for customers renting and returning rental vehicles at SAT.  The CONRAC will include up to 14 car rental brands housed in the same customer service lobby, vehicle pickup and return, and a Quick Turn Around facility, plus covered short-term parking for airport patrons.

Flickr user David Trawin (trawin) / cc

Officials with the Transportation Security Administration are reporting a record number of guns seized from airline travelers in 2013.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport had 98 seizures and George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston had 67 seizures, the second and third highest number of gun seizures in the country. Atlanta was the number one airport where passengers were caught with a concealed handgun and had 110 seizures.