San Antonio Metropolitan Health District

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Texas has the fifth highest teen birth rate in the country and ranks first for repeat teen pregnancies. 

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If San Antonio’s air quality continues to decline, it could lead to more annual deaths due to respiratory illnesses, according to a study commissioned by San Antonio, which looks at what impact both lower and higher ozone levels have on the health of residents in Bexar County.

A county-wide assessment has found that zip code can make a difference in an individual's overall health and life span.

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Fighting obesity may have something to do with the size of your dinner plate. San Antonio’s Metropolitan Health District launched a new campaign today targeting weight problems and diabetes.

The facts are sobering. Two-thirds of San Antonians are overweight or obese. One is seven has been told by a doctor they are diabetic.

Aaron Schrank / Texas Public Radio

Some infectious disease experts believe the Zika virus has already infected the Texas mosquito population –it just hasn’t been detected.

In this report for our series, “Preparing for Zika in Texas” we look at what health officials in San Antonio say they’re doing to prevent an outbreak and how they would respond if we have one. 

In a neatly landscaped front yard in North San Antonio biology students from Texas A&M University-San Antonio record the types of mosquitoes snared by their sticky traps.