The San Antonio Police Department has been on high alert since the killing of five police officers in Dallas this month. And many San Antonio cops have been patrolling in pairs -- two officers per car. 

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San Antonio Police are considering policy changes following more sniper-style killings of police officers. Police Chief William McManus hinted at the changes at a gun violence forum Sunday.

Following fatal attacks on police in Dallas and now Baton Rouge, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said Sunday he’s taking steps to protect his forces.

San Antonio Police Department

San Antonio police say they are investigating an incident where multiple shots were fired at police headquarters Saturday night, apparently leaving bullet impact marks found on the east side of the building.

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San Antonio Police Chief William McManus responded Thursday evening to a police association vote of no confidence and a call for his resignation.  

The union vote came after the chief announced new policies for how officers will deal with suspects and deadly force.

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The San Antonio Police Department is teaming up with San Antonio McDonald's to provide free child fingerprinting at the restaurant at 1643 Pleasanton Road  from 9 to 11 a.m. this Saturday. The goal is to catalog the fingerprints of 200 children in the name of public safety.