Say Sí

: Courtesy Say Sí staff

Say Si’s yearly Christmas theater production is coming up. Victoria Villasenor plays Elizabeth in Frankie and Elizabeth Get Their Wings.

“Our upcoming show, our Christmas show, Frankie and Elizabeth, is a play that we have adapted from It’s A Wonderful Life.”

In the play, Elizabeth’s mother died the previous year, and she’s had a hard time with that.

“And along the way, she meets this angel, her name is Frankie, and she needs to get her wings by helping somebody out, so she decides to help out Elizabeth.”

SAY Sí's Media Arts Studio

SAY Si has a three-night event that they call the Muertitos Fest. Say Si's Stephen Guzman says their take on the holiday is geared towards the young people who come there.

“Every night we’re going to have a different set of entertainment. Thursday night is going to be our showcase night and we’re going to have some amazing entertainment. We’re going to have the Maya Guiaro World Music Project, which is a trio of musicians who have pooled their inspirations from cultures all around the world.”

San Antonio Poet Laureate, Laurie Ann Guerrero, will also perform.