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Emails between members of the State of Board of Education shows that one member wants to deny his Hispanic colleagues a vote on a controversial Mexican American Cultural Studies textbook up for adoption this November and now those the emails have spurred calls for one member’s resignation.

State of Texas

A member of the State Board of Education is proposing a public school Parent Bill of Rights that echoes a series of constitutional changes announced by Governor Greg Abbott on Friday.  The plan asks that school boards be given the same power to override state legislative and judicial directives deemed unfit at the local level.

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Textbooks coming up for approval before the Texas State Board of Education next week are having their facts questioned.

Assertions that free-markets have benefited all cultures over all times as well as the importance of religion in the foundation of American law are just two of the many concerning and some argue misleading facts found in a review of this year's crop of high-school social studies textbooks. 


Texas State Board of Education Vice Chairman Thomas Ratliff said he would like to see the state completely abandon the federal No Child Left Behind program. 

Ratliff said in 2013 lawmakers reduced the number of tests for high school students but failed in their attempts to do the same for elementary and middle school students out of fear that Texas would lose its federal public education dollars. Ratliff said that money only accounts for less than 10% of the state public education budget.