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State District Court Judge Pat Priest recommended today that the "San Antonio Four' be granted new trials on charges they sexually assaulted two girls in 1994.

San Antonio area arborists say there is a surge of oak wilt in Bexar County and it appears to be moving to the west, in the direction of Boerne.

Oak wilt is a fungal infection that can wipe out huge swaths of oaks - some of the most widely-found trees in Central Texas. 

The pathogen, which is spread by beetles, targets all oak trees and can kill in a Live Oak between 1-6 months after the first symptoms appear. Red oaks have it even harder though, often dying within 3-4 weeks of being infected.  

(Dylan Hollingsworth for ProPublica)

A new investigation by ProPublica and NPR is showing that the opt-out Workers' Compensation structure adopted by Texas is being taken on the road, but the downsides for workers are far greater than first understood. The independent analysis by the two journalism outfits is the first of its kind.


Today's world is full of technology, innovation, skepticism, and materialism. Is there still room for ideals? 

Mark Edmundson, an English professor at the University of Virginia, asks this question in his book, Self and Soul: A Defense of Ideals. In the book, he discusses the three most important ideals of courage, contemplation, and compassion. Edmundson uses historical figures to embody these traits, mentioning Plato as a great thinker and Jesus and Buddha as figures of compassion. 

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The city of San Antonio added $320,000 to outfit 251, or a little more than ten percent, of San Antonio Police officers with body cameras in mid-May. That came after a pilot program which ended late last year, and the new cameras are expected to be rolled out in 2016. Now SAPD wants to outfit more than 1,000 officers with the cameras, but they are going to need a lot of help, about$1.2 million worth of help to pay for it.