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From a long-standing bootmaker to an eatery that's served multiple generations, locally owned businesses can be great symbols of a city's identity and authentic culture. 


A big development is coming to the site of the old Lone Star Brewery. Boasting tens of thousands of square feet of retail and mixed use space, the hope for owners is it will bring life back to the degenerating brewery that closed in the 1990s.  

The project is a co-venture between Aqualand Development and CBL & Associates Properties.

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The Southside of San Antonio is getting its first YMCA built near the former Mission Drive-In Theater. Part of the funding is being paid for by the city’s voter-approved bond.



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Residents gathered on the Southeast Side Monday night to give their ideas to city leaders on the budget.

City employees like Animal Care Services director Kathy Davis led the table discussions on what people believe to be important to them and how they feel the budget could be better. One resident at a table, Sandra, said she thinks the city could make better use of funds by selling office and other items not being used anymore.

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San Antonians knew it as the Mission Drive-In for decades. But the old Mission Drive-In was closed in the early 2000s. When the city bought the property with 2008 bond money, they built the new Mission Library.

“After the library was completed there was additional funds to rehab the marquee itself, and put some public art there and to create a plaza in front of the marquee,” said Sebastian Guajardo of the Department for Culture & Creative Development.