Southwest Research Institute


Autonomous drones developed at San Antonio-based Southwest Research Institute may penetrate the hazardous, radiation-laden reactors of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.

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San Antonio has been approached by two self-driving car companies about testing on its city streets. According to city staff, Waymo and the Silicon-Valley startup Drive.AI are the first to get in touch, both in the last month.

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NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is hurtling toward asteroid 2014 MU69. When it passes, it will be the most distant body a spacecraft has ever done a flyby of. The asteroid is more than four billion miles away, in the Kuiper belt, with so many unknowns that the margin of error is larger than other missions.

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Your morning commute is guided by invisible forces in the form of sensors, electronic traffic signs and lights. As complex traffic systems become more and more integrated, the potential for traffic-fueled calamity increases, say cyber security experts.


"We're not the one with the monkeys," goes the joke from Southwest Research Institute staff when talking to stakeholders or describing themselves to San Antonians.

They are distinguishing themselves from the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, the other prominent independent research organization on a patch of land near Interstate 410 and Culebra.