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UPDATED 6 PM 1.4.16


Saturday's launch of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's latest weather satellite, the GOES-R clears the way for a constellation of satellites designed and built here in San Antonio to launch in the middle of next month. 


Last night, the Juno Probe executed a series of maneuvers and burns to put it into orbit of the massive planet Jupiter. The insertion was captured live at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Mission Control Center in Pasadena. You can watch it below. / NASA


The New Horizons spacecraft that’s flying by Pluto Tuesday has San Antonio roots.

It was launched in January 2006. Tuesday the New Horizons spacecraft will make its closest flyby of Pluto.

The spacecraft was designed by scientists at the Southwest Research Institute, based in San Antonio.

Three billion miles of space travel have led up to this moment.