spring break

From Texas Standard.

Spring break is a time to relax and get away for vacationers, but it’s a make or break season for businesses along the Gulf Coast. And that’s especially so this year, as the region tries to rebound from Hurricane Harvey. So we at the Texas Standard made a few calls. We asked a basic question – how’s business?

Louisa Jonas / Texas Public Radio

San Antonio is the No.1 tourist destination in the state and that's obvious during spring break, which brings in revenue for the city.  One of the most popular attractions this week is the San Antonio Zoo.


Rebecca Schloss and her family are visiting from College Station with another family.  Her daughters Hazel and Ruby are riding the zoo’s carousel.


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Ted Siebert, an internationally renowned sand sculptor, is leading a design team in building three massive artworks at the San Antonio Botanical Garden using 24 tons of sand.

The designs will include the Alamo and the Moy Grand Hibiscus flower.

The Moy Hibiscus was first produced at the Botanical Garden in a cross-breed experiment by Dr. Ying Doon Moy, whose colleagues eventually got the hibiscus planted along roads in China.