The state is taking over the Southside Independent School District, following an investigation that found bad management and possible criminal violations.

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A new method to measure school performance was enacted by the 84th Texas Legislature in the form of A through F letter grades. The controversial ratings, which go into effect August 2018, will replace the state's current pass/fail system.

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By the beginning of the next school year in the fall, Texas districts must adopt a method for evaluating teachers.  The new state education commissioner’s proposal for doing that has set off a fire storm among some teachers’ groups, because it lists student test scores as one factor that can be considered in the evaluation. It’s not a requirement that test scores be used, but some teachers are concerned. 

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UPDATE: The Texas Education Agency says Commissioner Mike Morath is allowing school districts to decide whether students affected this week by glitches with the online STAAR test must retake the exam.  In many cases student answers disappeared from computer screens or were not recorded when students signed off.