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Project Sunroof

San Antonio ranks fourth nationally for roof-based solar potential according to Google's Project Sunroof.

Texas Public Radio has learned that San Antonio is a finalist for a major technology expansion.  TPR Tech reporter Paul Flahive has learned a city delegation returned Tuesday from a meeting in Santa Monica, Calif., with well-known video streaming giant, Hulu. 

Rackspace and TechBloc -- San Antonio’s technology advocacy group – are hosting an event Tuesday night for former Rackers, to connect them with local technology firms.  The event is scheduled to take place beforeTechbloc’s monthly meetup.

Paul Flahive

Women make up only 25 percent of the technology workforce and only 5 percent of its industry leaders. As San Antonio's first Center for Applied Science and Technology -- or CAST Tech High School -- closes its application period on Friday, they are looking to raise the number of female applicants.  CAST Tech Principal Kelly Flieger says she wants to beat the national average.