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The second annual San Antonio Entrepreneurship Week kicks off Monday and, according to organizers at LaunchSA, it will be bigger and more dispersed than its first.

Currently, LaunchSA has 50 percent more people registered than last year, with 600.

Courtesy AirDNA

Since May, Airbnb has started collecting taxes for their Texas hosts, people who own extra properties, or are using their homes into rentals for 30 days or less. The company and its hosts made $76 million dollars this summer, from May 1 to August 31, according to data from the Texas State Comptroller. This means nearly $4.6 million in Hotel Occupancy Taxes, or HOT Taxes, in four months.

It might seem strange that a bunch of San Antonio Tech names -- Graham Weston, Lew Moorman, Dirk Elmendorf, etc -- are fronting the money for a new music festival. But Botánica Music Festival Co-founder David Heard says they see it as celebrating San Antonio as well as investing in millennial talent.

He recounted a story where he recently tried to recruit a 22-year-old tech worker from Atlanta.

Scaleworks, or the Scaleworks Fund, is a $60 million pot of money that former Rackspace President, now Scaleworks General Partner, Lew Moorman and Ed Byrne have been using to purchase software companies, relocate them to San Antonio, and try to grow them rapidly...or as the name says, scale them.

For the past six months, I've been checking in with Hunter Waite. He's a Southwest Research Institute planetary scientist, and a principal investigator on the Cassini spacecraft.