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A leading hotel industry association in vacation rentals said Tuesday the online rental website Airbnb is strong-arming local governments in secret meetings to get favorable tax deals.

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Tech Bloc, an industry advocacy organization, announced San Antonio will have its first top technology recruitment officer.

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Since last May, Alamo Plaza has been embroiled in debate over how the site will be redesigned.

Organizers hope the plan will return Alamo Plaza to its former grandeur. It may include moving the 1936 Cenotaph and the Alamo Defenders to a nearby park, where historians believe the soldiers' bodies were burned.

But moving the 60-foot monument to that site doesn't sit right with many Texans.

A San Antonio startup got a big boost from Austin investors Tuesday night.

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The University of Texas San Antonio is often found near the top lists for cybersecurity academics. In a move to capture more research dollars, projects, and internships for its 2,500 cyber security students, UTSA announced Monday the official opening for its National Security Collaboration Center.