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The second annual San Antonio Entrepreneurship Week kicks off Monday and, according to organizers at LaunchSA, it will be bigger and more dispersed than its first.

Currently, LaunchSA has 50 percent more people registered than last year, with 600.

Paul Flahive

Jim Smith squinted at his checklist. Before renting out one of his properties, he walks through to ensure it is in good condition. Crouching next to the toilet, he checks for extra toilet paper. He makes a note about the soap stain on top of the washing machine that the maid he pays missed.

Smith has been renting vacation homes on the VRBO website for more than a decade.

He remembered the first time he rented a house on the popular vacation home platform. It was a family visiting from Mexico.

Chris Eudaily / TPR News

Your morning commute is guided by invisible forces in the form of sensors, electronic traffic signs and lights. As complex traffic systems become more and more integrated, the potential for traffic-fueled calamity increases, say cyber security experts.

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

At 2.6 million, there are more feral pigs in Texas than any other state. They do an estimated $52 million worth of damage to the state's agriculture. 

The sun is setting as more then a dozen tiny bike headlights blink on. A group of cyclists head towards downtown on their weekly Monday night social ride.