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UTSA physicist Kelly Nash is shooting a laser into a vessel filled with metal pellets to create a nanomaterial in a water solution.  It's a building block of what she and colleague Heather Shipley hope could dramatically reduce size, scope and environmental impact of water cleaning technology. 

Kris Krug |

Congress passed a bill Tuesday rolling back impending FCC regulations and clearing the way for Internet Service Providers like Comcast and AT&T to continue mining and selling your data.

The difference between Google or Facebook trying to mine your data and your ISP is pretty dramatic.

"It's the difference between someone trying to follow you to work and someone putting a GPS tracker on your car," says cyber penetration specialist Ray Sims. 

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Americans know less about cyber security than about other technical issues according to a recent Pew Research Center poll.

Google Fiber released its first national Community Impact Report detailing how the company has broadened broadband access to low-income families. The report says Google Fiber has made it possible for more than 1,900 families to access gigabit speeds free of charge and supported 115,000 hours of digital literacy training, to assist hundreds of thousands of families bridge the digital divide.