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Around two dozen San Antonio police were stationed in and around City Hall and council chambers Wednesday night in expectation of potential skirmishes between opposing protester camps that never materialized.  

Fifty or so people chanted slogans outside council chambers in support of removing Travis Park's 118 year-old monument to confederate dead ahead of an evening "Citizens To Be Heard."

The San Antonio City Council is considering removing and ultimately donating the monument to a museum or other nonprofit.

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Cybersecurity is a nearly $90 billion industry with an unemployment rate of zero percent, so cities across the country want to grow it locally. But finding all the variables for an industry steeped in secrecy can be difficult. Fewer variables can mean less effective strategies for gaining ground in an increasingly competitive market.

Center For Severe Weather Research

As thousands of Texans flee coastal communities, a group of scientists drove all night to be present for Hurricane Harvey. 

The first thing you should know, is that you should never drive into a hurricane. But if you have to like Josh Wurman head of the Center for Severe Weather Research, don't get out of the truck...unless you have to.


One in four San Antonio homes doesn't have Internet access according to the U.S. Census' American Community Survey. Entrenched poverty has led to San Antonio ranking 19th worst for home access.

Courtesy Texas Biomedical Research Institute

The San Antonio City Council has voted to loan $250,000 to the Texas Biomedical Research Institute for a new high-security lab.