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NASA’s Juno spacecraft will orbit Jupiter an additional three years, according to mission leaders.

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Hurricane season is here, and for the second season NASA scientists will measure hurricanes using satellites built by San Antonio-based Southwest Research Institute.

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With zero unemployment, and revenues projeccted in excess of $168 billion by 2020, every city wants a piece of the cybersecurity industry. San Antonio is uniquely positioned to grow that industry. We're right next door to the 24th and 25th Air Force, as well as the National Security Agency's Texas Cryptological Center.

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Last May, the city inked a deal with San Antonio-based startup Cityflag to create a new 311 app that would engage more residents through social media sharing, gamification, and ease of use.

The contract was for a $22,000 build out, with $6,000 a year in maintenance. It was originally scheduled to launch last summer.

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In 1992, North Dakota wanted Delaware-based Quill Corp to pay taxes on catalog sales to its residents. The Supreme Court said it didn’t have to since it didn’t have a physical presence in the state.