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Brandon Watts

San Antonio's technology sector is a small but growing force in business and politics. On the issue of Saturday's election for Mayor, there isn't a uniform response. 

Travis Bubenik / KRTS

According to the United National Environment Program investment in green energy was nearly double that of hydrocarbon energy last year. 

Geekdom Fund

The Geekdom Fund, a venture capital firm seeding tech companies, announced it has raised $20 million to invest. That's more than five times what they raised in 2014 for their first fund.

City of San Antonio

The City of San Antonio announced a parking partnership Friday that will bring valet service to the downtown area.

For years, parking has been identified as an obstacle to getting residents to come downtown. A new app called Virtual Valet will allow people to drop their car off at city pullouts, including one near the Majestic Theatre on Houston Street.

Chris Rockwell with Sovereign Services says this is a small departure for the company that usually deals with valet at hotels.

The Federal Communications Commission is considering giving a waiver to a company that wants to put voice messages into your voicemail without your phone ever ringing. 

The waiver would be necessary to get around the Telephone Consumers Protection Act (TCPA). It was passed in 1991, and it made many things illegal, including unsolicited robocalls to your cell phone.