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NASA / Southwest Research Institute

UPDATED 6 PM 1.4.16

Google Fiber

In November, TPR reported on the future of Google's high-speed Internet network in San Antonio. In an update to the City Council, city staff presented a map of the fiber-optic cable route the tech giant was installing.

Light on detail, the map left many neighborhood members wondering where the cable would be laid, and how it would impact them.

"It's uh...It's a good map, but it's not as detailed as I was looking for," says Douglas Boom.

Joey Palacios / Texas Public Radio

President-elect Donald Trump doesn't like NAFTA. "If they don't agree to a renegotiation, and they might not, then I will submit that America intends to withdraw from the deal," he said at a campaign stop.

Paul Flahive

Filling cyber security jobs often times means finding people with the certifications but also with the security clearances to work on government contracts. A novel boot-camp style class teaches veterans with the clearances the skills to land the job.

Courtesy of Rackspace

William Taylor Rhodes took the reins at Rackspace in 2014, the San Antonio-based company was in the midst of continuing troubles. The company was outgunned in a battle for the cloud with Google, Microsoft and Amazon. He led the company through those dark times. He saw their stock price take a beating, some top talent left due to the uncertainty and constant speculation about the future of the company. 

He made big changes. Late last year the company launched a host of new products aimed at not competing with the above tech giants, but instead incorporating their platforms and selling their services on top. Despite the stock price's rollercoaster, Rackspace has remained profitable and many believed it was undervalued in the market.  One such company was Apollo Global Management.