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G. Harrison, courtesy of Texas Biomed

Robert Davey is zipping up a suit his scientists wear when researching deadly pathogens. Davey directs the bio-safety level 4 lab at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio.

**Updated throughout**  Rackspace has acquired competitor Datapipe, the largest in the company's history for an undisclosed amount. The announcement came on the company blog Monday in a post from CEO Joe Eazor.

*Updated 3:30 p.m.

A tool released by USAA Labs late Thursday night allows homeowners affected by Hurricane Harvey to get a sense of what their coastal home may be like when they finally get access. 

Using aerial photos and image mapping technology, they created a map.

Paul Flahive | Texas Public Radio

Dozens of cars wrap around the the building at the H-E-B on Wurzbach as people wait to fill up on gas. Down the street at the Shell station, cars pour into the I-10 frontage lanes ensnaring traffic.

Pictures on Facebook, and other websites of queuing cars and stations without gas sent thousands of San Antonians scrambling to fill up.

"They've just gone paranoid. They think we're gonna run out of gas. I mean they're running out everywhere," says Daniel Hernandez, a local cook who has been waiting 10 minutes to fill up, and has another 20 before he fills up.

Around two dozen San Antonio police were stationed in and around City Hall and council chambers Wednesday night in expectation of potential skirmishes between opposing protester camps that never materialized.  

Fifty or so people chanted slogans outside council chambers in support of removing Travis Park's 118 year-old monument to confederate dead ahead of an evening "Citizens To Be Heard."

The San Antonio City Council is considering removing and ultimately donating the monument to a museum or other nonprofit.