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CAST Tech High School, the collaboration between the technology industry and San Antonio Independent School District announced Thursday that applications for the new school's freshman class open January 3, 2017.  Deadline for the applications is March 10, 2017.


This Morning NASA launched the first satellite designed and fabricated by San Antonio-based Southwest Research Institute. When the Orbital  ATK l-1011 "Stargazer" released a Pegasus XL rocket this morning it took a big step in the field of hurricane analysis scientists say. It also marked the beginning of a new field for San Antonio-based Southwest Research Institute, who built the eight micro-satellites that made up todays payload. 

Google Earth

More than two years ago the city inked a deal with Oracle. The software company brings 200 jobs all paying $70,000 or more a year and maintain them for 10 years, the City gives them a million bucks over three years.  

A new report shows a  growing San Antonio technology sector. The report called "Long Live The Geek:  charts the 5 year growth of one of the city's chief tech hubs, Geekdom.

Speaking at the annual "State of the Ecosystem" event Monday, Geekdom CEO Lorenzo Gomez says there are several highlights for him from the 5-year analysis of Geekdom: There are jobs in tech for everyone, a tech company can raise money in San Antonio, and more importantly cities should be taking note that small businesses generate more jobs.