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Courtesy of NASA

Tuesday Morning, a little after 1 a.m., NASA's Cassini mission begins its third dive between Saturn and the planet's rings. As the long-operating probe continues its so-called Grand Finale, San Antonio scientists will be poring over the data.

Courtesy of Rackspace

Taylor Rhodes' resignation comes 6 months after Rackspace went private. He says his decision to leave after nearly 3 years as CEO crystallized when the company was bought by Apollo Global Management. 

"I was then faced with the simple reality, which is, do I view myself as being able to give Rackspace my very best, my all, for the next five plus years," Rhodes explains. 

The room of cubicles that is San Antonio's 311 call center is filled with the sound of operators answering questions. From "How do I get a pothole fixed?" to "How can I report my neighbors yard?" and questions everywhere in between are being navigated by the 15 plus people here on a Friday afternoon. 

The calls start at 7 a.m. and they don't stop until well after 7 p.m., when the emergency 311 calls take over for things like dog bites.

Courtesy of Port San Antonio

Port San Antonio's Board voted Wednesday to become the first official home of the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology. SAMSAT is a nonprofit that wants to create programming for students, display technology across the centuries, and tell the story of how San Antonio has propelled the technology industry.

Courtesy of Rackspace

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