In a recital hall at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, a group of musicians got together to play Jean-Baptiste Singelée's 1857 quartet for saxophones on some very old, very special instruments.

Spring: the time of year many people find themselves twirling in front of mirrors, trying on prom dresses, tuxedos or wedding gowns. Wouldn't it be nice to know how an outfit really looks from the back, instead of craning your neck, hoping to see what others see?

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SYDNEY — Internet providers lost an Australian court battle on Tuesday to keep secret the names of Internet users suspected of illegally downloading Hollywood movie Dallas Buyers Club over file-sharing networks.

The Federal Court ruling is a landmark win for copyright holders in a country which has a reputation for being among of world's most prolific Internet pirates. Justice Nye Perram granted a discovery order sought by the 2013 movie’s copyright owner Dallas Buyers Club LLC to access names and home addresses of more than 4,700 Australian Internet account holders.

Hi-Tech Now An Essential Tool On Southwest Farms

Mar 30, 2015

Much of the country’s fresh fruits and vegetables are grown in the Southwest and harvested by farm workers.

But these days, a successful harvest relies on a combination of three different factors: farming, technology and venture capitalism.

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With the availability of smart phones paired with the ease of recording, we have seen secret and embarrassing recordings of many come to light.

Public officials both nationally and locally have been put on the defensive over comments they thought were private, and the nation has reeled from phone video recordings of police brutality. It seems you can't go anywhere without the possibility of being recorded.