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A Texan born and raised, singer-songwriter Roy Orbison got his start in a rockabilly band in high school. 

What's It Gonna Take To Build A Texas Music Museum?

May 31, 2018

From Texas Standard:

The Lone Star State boasts a rich musical heritage. From Willie Nelson to Joe Ely, Selena to Beyoncé, the state has produced hitmakers and tastemakers in many genres. So why is there no museum of Texas music? A Texas Monthly editor wonders that, too, and he wants help from billionaire Mark Cuban.

From Texas Standard:

When Willie Nelson's landmark album Phases and Stages was recorded in 1973, it was unlike anything being done in Nashville – a concept album, about a relationship coming apart. Metaphorically speaking, Nelson was separating from Nashville, too, a place where he'd long written songs for others. But where the Nashville machine kept him from doing what he loved to do, his return to Texas was a symbolic break with the conservative conventions of the country music industry.

It's not surprising when contemporary artists invoke Loretta Lynn as a template. But country icon's younger sister, the urbane country-pop balladeer Crystal Gayle, is a far less likely reference, particularly for an artist like Kelly Willis.

When Marcia Ball sits down at the piano, the barrelhouse blues that jump out is enough to frighten any set of nearby keyboards. The 69-year-old has been playing Texas boogie and New Orleans blues for 50 years. Her latest album Shine Bright, available now, carries on the tune.