Texas Music

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From Texas Standard: There are lots of musicians who can claim to be from Texas, but only a handful who are convincing enough to make you believe they're really from the Lone Star State — even though they're not. 

Darren Carroll

Texas Singer-Songwriter Robert Earl Keen is celebrating a big mile marker in his career. I was able recently to sit down with him in his Kerrville office to talk about it. That "it" is the recording of a live album in 1995. The album didn't just get popular, he thinks it inspired up-n-coming musicians like himself to keep on plugging away.

"This record had a big influence on a lot of people that play music in Texas in the last twenty years."

There was a clear path laid out for Gary Clark Jr. If he'd wanted, he could have allowed himself to be crowned the young, African-American savior of 21st-century blues guitar.