Texas State University

Stephanie Schulz / Texas State University

The Texas State University dance troupe will be performing in the presidential inaugural parade in Washington DC later this month.

The Strutters found out just before Christmas that they were selected to participate in the inauguration of Donald Trump. That drew criticism from some people on social media.  But this is more about the office and not the candidate, according to Texas State officials.

Texas State University

The president of Texas State University says the San Marcos campus will not become a sanctuary campus. The idea was part of a growing statewide movement aimed at protecting undocumented students who are fearful about some of the promises made by incoming President Donald Trump.

A series of flyers have been found in restrooms around the Texas State University that show five young men holding weapons with "Texas State Vigilante Squad" in text.


Simulated rifle rounds echo out as police officers storm a room, take down a gunman, and then turn their attention to the actors sprawled on the floor, covered in fake blood.

This is an active shooter simulation at Texas State University’s Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center—or ALERRT—in San Marcos. U.S. Senator from Texas John Cornyn is seated in the front row, observing the scene.

“The need for this sort of training has gotten even greater,” Cornyn says.

Free Freshman Year? Texas State Hopes To Try It Out

Sep 10, 2015
Callie Richmond / Texas Tribune

The Texas State University System has an idea for future students busy with families and jobs: Don't even show up on campus freshman year.

Starting next fall, the system plans to encourage nontraditional students to take free massive open online courses, known as MOOCs, before they arrive on campus. If they take 10 courses and pass tests for college credit, students could show up at school with a year's work complete before paying a single tuition bill.