Wilbert Lee O‘Daniel was a two term Governor of Texas and a U.S. Senator. But before, during and after that, he was a flour salesman on the radio with a hillbilly band.

O‘Daniel ran for Governor as a successful businessman who was sick and tired of professional politicians and fed up with corporate media. The political establishment thought O ‘Daniel was a joke until he beat them – and changed politics in Texas.

The U.S. Mexico border is one of the most fortified borders in the world between two allies. Over two billion dollars a year are spent on securing the American southern border. But all it took to beat the border was the bicycle. Journalist Kimball Taylor saw the piles of thousands of abandoned bikes used by undocumented immigrants and solved the mystery of where the bikes were coming from and who was behind this amazing enterprise. His book is “The Coyote’s Bicycle: The Untold Story of Seven Thousand Bicycles and the Rise of a Borderland Empire.”

John Allen Rubio sits on Death Row in Texas. He was convicted of the 2003 murder of three children that were in his care. Rubio with his common law wife Angela Camacho say they believed the children were possessed by the devil. Prosecutors say Rubio committed the murders because they were homeless and so poor he didn’t want to take care of them any longer. The murder shocked the border community of Brownsville at the time and it’s a news story that’s still remembered. But former Brownsville Herald reporter Laura Tillman wanted to go deeper in the telling of this crime.

Sandra Cisneros,  this reluctant icon of the literary arts left San Antonio after over 20 years of calling this city her home. She found a new sanctuary in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a community known for its enclave of artists from around the world. Sandra returns to San Antonio this month for a series of readings at Gemini Ink. She's been back to the city many times, but this will mark her literary homecoming. Yvette Benavides spoke to Sandra Cisneros from her new home in Mexico.

From Texas Standard:

The Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán has long fought extradition to face drug charges in the U.S. but that’s changed.