David Martin Davies

A little known episode in Texas history known as the Slocum Massacre is now officially recognized with a state historic marker. But the descendants of Slocum say this is only the first step in spotlighting acts of injustice in Texas.

The last time that a Democrat won a statewide office in Texas was in 1994. No other state has seen Republican one-party rule longer.

And there are few signs that this streak is going to be broken anytime soon. That’s judging from election returns. If anything the Democrats appear to be going in reverse.

The 2014 gubernatorial election that pitted Democrat State Senator Wendy Davis against Republican then Attorney General Greg Abbott was a meltdown for the Dems.

The Transportation Security Administration (the TSA) says it could stop accepting the Texas driver’s license as a valid form of identification by the end of the year. Texans would be required to produce another form of I.D. like a passport if they want to fly even within the borders of the United States.

What’s it like for children who have come to the United States illegally from Mexico and Central America? It’s a difficult and stressful journey and transition--even for adults--but for children, the move must be nothing short of traumatic.

Constance Hollie-Jawaid

July 29, 1910 in Slocum, Texas started off like any other Friday in this rural East Texas community – but before the day was over one of the worst racial atrocities in Texas history would happen.

It wasn’t long after sunrise that the shooting started – and continued throughout the day.