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Just when Texans are working past the anxiety after the destruction from Harvey, a stronger storm named Irma is bearing down on Florida, while storms Jose and Katia are churning away in tropical waters with no threat to the Gulf Coast.

As the world's largest Baptist university, Baylor is unabashedly Christian. There is a strict code of conduct for all students that forbids, with the threat of expulsion, any sex outside of marriage, alcohol drinking, drug use, pornography and other acts. Students weren't allowed to dance on campus until 1996.

During the last several years, however, Baylor officials were hiding a dark secret: Female students were being sexually assaulted at an alarming rate by members of the school's football team.

As coastal Texans flee the flood waters of what was once Hurricane Harvey, some evacuees being treated for opioid addiction are caught in a storm of red tape.


There isn’t much to do to pass the time at the San Antonio emergency shelter for Harvey evacuees, except to wait. The Red Cross and others are using an empty Southside school building to provide basic requirements for displaced coastal residents.

Bruce, not his real name, is an evacuee also dealing with an opioid addiction. 

Audie Murphy the icon wasn't born on the big screen, but on the battlefields of Europe. Murphy, as a diminutive boy of 17, lied about his age to join the Army—the only branch that would take him—and went on to become the most distinguished and decorated warrior of World War II. Pretty good for a poor Texas boy, who was the son of sharecroppers.

From Texas Standard:

In the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Va., Confederate monuments are coming down in public places across the country. Overnight, the University of Texas at Austin quietly dismantled four statues from the campus’ South Mall. But they're not going down everywhere.