What’s it like for children who have come to the United States illegally from Mexico and Central America? It’s a difficult and stressful journey and transition--even for adults--but for children, the move must be nothing short of traumatic.

Constance Hollie-Jawaid

July 29, 1910 in Slocum, Texas started off like any other Friday in this rural East Texas community – but before the day was over one of the worst racial atrocities in Texas history would happen.

It wasn’t long after sunrise that the shooting started – and continued throughout the day.

Fame is the coin of the realm in today's media world where the unaccomplished Kardashians are exalted and everyone is only a YouTube video infection away from enjoying the quick-to-fade-glitter of celebrity.

But what is fame? Is it just having your name on the lips of the masses? Why do so many today want to be well known? Or can one be famous to just one person?

The poem "Famous" is one of Naomi Shihab Nye’s most famous works. Shihab Nye has written more than two dozen books of poetry. Her poem "Famous" has been illustrated in a new book by Lisa Desimini.

Despite a lawsuit and objections from Governor Greg Abbott Syrian refugees are being resettled in Texas.

Nearly 30 governors across the U.S. vowed to block Syrian refugees since the Paris attacks last month. But no state has taken as aggressive a stance as Texas. Attorney General Ken Paxton took the Obama administration to court earlier this month over claims that federal officials and resettlement agencies haven't shared information about arriving refugees.

David Martin Davies

The Pearsall Independent School District is waiting for word if it will be shut down. The school district 60 miles south of San Antonio had its accreditation revoked. And the community is trying to come to grips with what a closure could mean for their children and their future.