From Texas Standard:

Last August, a Harris County Sheriff's deputy was filling up gas at a Chevron station just outside of downtown Houston when an individual walked up to the deputy and shot him the back of the head. The suspect went on to shoot the deputy 15 more times.

From Texas Standard:

Traffic, congestion, delayed drive times – problems Texans know all too well.

The state's population boom has lawmakers and transportation officials scrambling to alleviate traffic issues. Last session the Legislature passed a constitutional amendment diverting millions from Texas' Rainy Day Fund into transportation projects. While one easy answer to our transportation woes is to build more roads, not everyone agrees.


You don’t have to look far in to Texas' past to see the ugly face of racial violence against African Americans. There is the 1910 Slocum Massacre which we’ve covered on Texas Matters. But there are so many more examples.

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The chancellors of Texas’ top university systems defended their ambitious expansion plans to lawmakers Wednesday and some pushed back against the idea of more oversight of their growth. 

But the chancellors also told members of the Texas House Higher Education Committee that they aren't ignoring input from state officials who worry that the schools are growing irresponsibly. 

David Martin Davies

A little known episode in Texas history known as the Slocum Massacre is now officially recognized with a state historic marker. But the descendants of Slocum say this is only the first step in spotlighting acts of injustice in Texas.