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Last summer, Texas Matters brought you the story of David Sanor, a professor of English and linguistics at Our Lady of the Lake University who was battling an aggressive form of ALS. David had taken on the task of building a voice bank. He recorded thousands of phrases and sentences in anticipation of losing the use of his hands and arms, his legs, and eventually, his voice. We are sad to report that David passed away on March 12, 2016.

This week as Texas remembers San Jacinto Day,  the Texas Nationalist Movement would like to see a new San Jacinto-like victory. The small scrappy band of dedicated rebels suddenly takes down the organized behemoth Goliath – this time the Goliath would be the Texas Republican Party. 

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It took just 62 days for Wilbert Lee O'Daniel to go from being a hillbilly flour salesman on the radio to the most powerful politician in Texas. While O'Daniel never achieved any major historic accomplishments while in office, he was fantastically talented at generating controversies and winning elections.

Wilbert Lee O‘Daniel was a two term Governor of Texas and a U.S. Senator. But before, during and after that, he was a flour salesman on the radio with a hillbilly band.

O‘Daniel ran for Governor as a successful businessman who was sick and tired of professional politicians and fed up with corporate media. The political establishment thought O ‘Daniel was a joke until he beat them – and changed politics in Texas.

The U.S. Mexico border is one of the most fortified borders in the world between two allies. Over two billion dollars a year are spent on securing the American southern border. But all it took to beat the border was the bicycle. Journalist Kimball Taylor saw the piles of thousands of abandoned bikes used by undocumented immigrants and solved the mystery of where the bikes were coming from and who was behind this amazing enterprise. His book is “The Coyote’s Bicycle: The Untold Story of Seven Thousand Bicycles and the Rise of a Borderland Empire.”