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11:19 pm
Mon December 8, 2014

AtticRep And SOLI Want To Dance With You

Hot on the heels of SOLI Chamber Ensemble's collaboration with the community for a performance of Terry Riley's liberating work "In C" comes another opportunity for you to take the stage at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

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9:40 pm
Fri December 5, 2014

Magic In The Music: Playhouse Set For Fiddler On The Roof

Fiddler on the Roof
Siggi Ragnar

The Playhouse is staging one of the most loved plays in the history of Broadway. The music from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ has become imprinted on the American consciousness.

“’Fiddler on the Roof’ is a wonderful story of a man’s journey through the changes of tradition in Russia in his Jewish village back in 1905.”

Lee Cusenbary is directing ‘Fiddler on the Roof.’ The story is built around its central character, Tevye, who’s exceptionally traditional, as he sings.

“That I can tell you in one word — Tradition!”

Lee Cusenbary continues.

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Arts & Culture
4:00 pm
Thu November 6, 2014

She’s Coming To The Tobin, But Don’t Fear Virginia Woolf

Gloria Sanchez
Siggi Ragnar

Attic Rep is bringing a classic, black comedy-drama, back to the Tobin Performing Arts Center’s Carlos Alvarez Theater. Its director Roberto Prestigiacomo told me more.

“Well the production is called ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,’ by Edward Albee. Virginia Woolf was a perfect feat for our second production at the Tobin.”

I asked why is a 50+ year-old play still relevant?

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4:05 pm
Thu September 25, 2014

The Witch Speaks: "Wizard Of Oz" Blows Into The Playhouse

The With and Ms. Gulch
Asia Ciaravino

The Playhouse is tackling a big new production. I checked in with their CEO to find out what that production is. After humming an iconic tune from the play (you should hit the Listen button above to hear it story), she revealed the title: “The 'Wizard of Oz'—can it get any bigger than 'The Wizard of Oz?'”

Asia Ciaravino came in to TPR to talk about one of The Playhouse’s most challenging productions ever.  

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4:26 pm
Wed August 13, 2014

Woodlawn Tries Something New By Going Retro With 'Smokey Joe's Cafe'

A new production at the Woodlawn Theatre is like nothing they’ve ever done before. First off, the production has no real plot line. But it does have lots and lots of music.

“Yeah, music wall-to-wall; there’s definitely a small story basically reminiscing about the past," said Christopher Rodriguez, who directs and choreographs "Smokey Joe's Cafe."

“ 'Smokey Joe’s Café' is a 1950s and 60s musical revue," he said. "And it’s dedicated to and celebrating the songs of Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller.”

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Arts & Culture
2:28 pm
Mon August 4, 2014

Magik Theatre's 'Shrek' And The New Season Preview

Aimee Stead
Magik Theater

The Magik Theatre is looking toward the fall and a whole new season. First though, they’ve got to complete the season they're currently in. To do that they are staging a play with a very green star: "Shrek."

"We are bringing it to life at the Magik Theatre; tons of musical numbers, it’s a huge cast," said Magik’s Aimee Stead. "David Morgan is playing Shrek and Apollo Bradley, one of the Magik’s favorites, is playing Donkey. Lots of fun; it’s going to be a great show.”

The Magik’s focus is bringing theater to young people and their fall titles reflect that.

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1:43 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

The Playhouse Tackles Another Tough One With 'Tommy'

Daniel Quintero, who plays 10-year-old Tommy.
Jack Morgan TPR Arts

British rock band The Who released the album "Tommy" just months before playing it at Woodstock in the summer of '69. Eventually "Tommy" was re-written and found its way to the Broadway stage. Soon it will be playing at The Playhouse.

“The Who’s 'Tommy' is a rock opera that chronicles the life of one person named Tommy," said actor Daniel Quintero, an 18 year old that looks young for his years.

"My role is Tommy as a ten year old," he said.

For The Playhouse production, Quintero said there are three people who play Tommy at three stages in life.

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4:59 pm
Mon July 7, 2014

The Playhouse's 'Wizard Of Oz' Still Needs A Toto

The Playhouse needs a Toto.
The Playhouse

Casting is nearly complete for a local Playhouse production. But there's still a part un-cast.

“We are really excited," said Christina Casella, the education and outreach director for The Playhouse. "And who wouldn’t be? It’s 'The Wizard of Oz.' "

I asked her how the development of  special effects was going.

"The show opens in October, but they have already started working with the pyrotechnics and the smoke," Casella said. "They’re really excited; I think they’re having too much fun up there.”

Then we moved on to casting.

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3:46 pm
Wed June 25, 2014

'Sister Act' Begins Run At Majestic Theatre

"Sister Act" has started its Majestic Theatre run, and one of its actors has a special San Antonio connection.

Surely you have seen the movie, but if you haven’t, Charles Barksdale details the plot.

“The story is exactly the same. It follows Doloris Van Cartier, who witnesses a murder and hides out in a convent, and she freaks them out and they freak her out and, you know, they all love each other in the end," Barksdale said

This is the road version of the Broadway play and as Barksdale notes, its characters have remained largely intact.

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1:25 pm
Wed June 25, 2014

Tarzan Swings Into The Woodlawn Theatre

Jane and Tarzan.
Siggi Ragnar

The Woodlawn Theatre has debuted a production that brought with it many challenges. The show is "Tarzan," and as you’d expect, the set is crucial.

"We have a really beautiful, green, luscious jungle built right onto the stage, with two running waterfalls," said Greg Hinojosa, who is the show's director. It follows closely the Disney movie of the same name: Family shipwrecks on African coast, baby raised by apes.

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