Siggi Ragnar

A play opens at the Tobin Center this week. and it’s got a funny premise. It’s called The Irish Curse and the play’s Director, Roberto Prestigiacamo explains it.

“It’s a comedy about a support group of men that deal with the question about whether or not size matters.”

 And yes, he’s talking about what you think he’s talking about.

 “By asking the question ‘does size matter?’ it attempts to answer a more fundamental question: ‘what makes a man?’"

 He says the playwright Martin Casella has pulled off a nice feat.

Once again, Parisians are ecstatic over the latest American musical production playing at the city's Chatelet Theatre.

"Singin' in the Rain is a little corner of paradise," the French newspaper Le Figaro wrote of the show, which is playing through March 26 to sold-out audiences.

Joan Marcus


The touring company of another Broadway hit has landed at the Majestic Theater, and I was able to speak with its star. The show is the musical Once, and its star is Alex Nee.

Once is the story of an Irish singer/songwriter who’s about to give up all his hopes and dreams, and he meets this Czech immigrant girl who sparks something within him and turns his life around and forces him to face his dreams and follow them,” Nee explains.

The Talented Anna Kendrick

Feb 16, 2015

Anna Kendrick has become known not only as the Oscar-nominated actress of films like “Up in the Air,” but also for her musical chops.

Kendrick starred in the surprise 2012 smash hit “Pitch Perfect” about a college a cappella group. She also played Cinderella in last year’s “Into the Woods.”

Now in “The Last Five Years,” based on the off-Broadway musical by Jason Robert Brown, Anna Kendrick plays Cathy, a struggling actress whose marriage to a successful writer falls apart.

Jack Morgan

Cirque du Soleil is performing at the Freeman Coliseum. I was able to meet publicist Vanessa Napoli for a backstage look. She told me that Cirque employs several traveling acrobatic troupes, but this one has an edge.

“It’s very different from any of our other shows. First of all it’s loosely based on the Greek mythology of Icarus, but in Varekai [he] lands in a beautiful enchanted forest.”

In mythology the wax holding together Icarus’s wings melted by the heat of the sun, and he fell to his death.