toll roads

Ryan E. Poppe

Plans to add toll lanes to sections of Austin and Dallas roadways have been scrapped. The Texas Transportation Commission removed the two projects, following intense pressure from state leaders.

Ryan E. Poppe

This week our Texas Public Radio series “Stuck Behind The Wheel” is looking at how out growing population is affecting traffic congestion. Today we tackle the controversial issue of toll roads. San Antonio is the biggest city in Texas without toll roads or carpool lanes, but that may be about to change.

Ryan Poppe



Lawmakers at the state capitol are examining the benefits and liabilities of Texas’ toll ways and whether the state should be in the business of tolling drivers at all, that includes an examination of failing Texas Highway 130 that runs near San Antonio.





One of the tasks set by the legislature in 2015 was to have lawmakers and the state’s transportation authority, TxDOT examine the idea of eliminating toll roads from the over 80-thousand miles of roadway the state manages.  


From Texas Standard:

There's something about toll roads that just isn't very fun. It's probably that part where you have to pay to drive on them. Of course, we help pay for the roads we drive on through taxes and other fees – but it's more in your face when you roll through the toll plaza.

At least one Texas lawmaker is urging the state to pump the breaks.

Ryan E. Poppe

At the beginning of March, the Austin-based SH 130 Concession Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy because it was not making enough from drivers to pay its outstanding debt.  So state lawmakers on the House Transportation Committee are studying how much outstanding debt do the other 12 private toll companies have that are operating and maintaining the 51 toll systems in Texas.

TxDOT’s Executive Director James Bass laid out the current debt totals for all private tolled roads in Texas.