Urban 15

One of San Antonio's most intrepid arts organizations has created a film series called “Hidden Histories.”


San Antonio Business Journal

San Antonio's Urban 15 is about to conduct its yearly call  for talent – you've got it, and they want it. 

"We're looking for a few good men, and women, who like to drum and dance," George Cisneros says.

Catherine Cisneros expanded on the idea.   

"We have noticed there is an incredible amount of talent and training in our community that happens at an early age, and then life catches up with you," Catherine says.

A local arts organization is looking for some rhythmic volunteers from San Antonio.

"Urban 15 will be starting its open call for drummers and dancers in the first Tuesday of October," says Urban 15 co-founder George Cisneros. 

The troupe's dance and drum corps are known nationwide for their rhythms and presentational creativity. But Cisneros says now they're upping the ante.

Invincible Czars

There's something pretty odd going on down at Urban 15 on Saturday night. Back in the 20s, silent  movies were that--silent--but often movie houses had a keyboard player or organist who provided mood music. At Urban 15 on South Presa, the band Invincible Czars are pretty much doing that.

"We're doing our score that we created for the silent film Nosferatu."

Jonathan Alonzo

They’re one of the city’s quirkiest art institutions, and now they’re looking for something that you might have.  I spoke to their Artistic Director.

“We’re looking for drummers. We’re looking for dancers. We’re looking for talent.”

You probably know what Catherine Cisneros is describing—it’s Urban 15.

“We’re about to create the spectacle that people see during Fiesta, after Fiesta, before Fiesta!” she laughed.