Invincible Czars

There's something pretty odd going on down at Urban 15 on Saturday night. Back in the 20s, silent  movies were that--silent--but often movie houses had a keyboard player or organist who provided mood music. At Urban 15 on South Presa, the band Invincible Czars are pretty much doing that.

"We're doing our score that we created for the silent film Nosferatu."

Jonathan Alonzo

They’re one of the city’s quirkiest art institutions, and now they’re looking for something that you might have.  I spoke to their Artistic Director.

“We’re looking for drummers. We’re looking for dancers. We’re looking for talent.”

You probably know what Catherine Cisneros is describing—it’s Urban 15.

“We’re about to create the spectacle that people see during Fiesta, after Fiesta, before Fiesta!” she laughed.

A film festival with a twist will hit the big screen soon here in San Antonio, and Urban 15 puts it on.

“The Josiah Media Festival is a film festival exclusively for young people 21 and under,” said Jonathan Anderson, the festival’s project manager.

“It mainly receives submissions that are from the states, but we are getting an increasing number of international entries each year," he said. "We received more international submissions this year alone than all of the previous years combined, and this is the eighth year that we are doing this festival."

Urban-15 is hosting a big event on Sunday and the layout of talent coming to perform is quite impressive. Urban 15’s George Cisneros details it:

"George and Aaron Prado, we have Ken Slavin, Bett Butler, Juan Tejeda is coming in, Bryce Milligan, Carmen Tafolla, Sheila Black, Laughing Gravy, which is the improvisational jazz group that’s working out of the High Wire Arts Center," he said.

Those performers and many more are coming, including Urban-15's drummers. The name of the event is Up From the Ashes. The reason behind the name?

San Antonio’s Urban 15 is closing out National Poetry Month on April 30 with a six-hour online poetry reading called Mega Corazon.

The way it came about was through last month’s poetry event called "Mi Pueblo" by the city’s former Poet Laureate Carmen Tafolla. George Cisneros, Urban-15's Media Director, explains: