Thirty-five Texas women in 100,000 won't leave the hospital with their newborns; the women having died giving birth. The number of woman dying during childbirth doubled between 2010-2012 and researchers aren't completely sure why. The findings were published in September's Obstetrics and Gynecology.

There are no confirmed cases of Zika virus originating in the United States, but local healthcare professionals are preparing for potential cases originating from travel to affected areas. Mosquitoes, which carry the virus, are most common in Central and South America and in the Caribbean.

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The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium is this week here in San Antonio. The meeting of some of the nations foremost authorities on breast cancer promises to bring new research into the world of treatment. 

Many of the research presented will be discussed for the first time publicly. New methods that target the individual genes of an individual person are becoming the direction of future treatment. We talk with one of the experts.


David Williams was diagnosed with brain cancer last fall. The cancer was attacked with radiation and chemotherapy and then removed. But it was back within the year.

Rather than go through the harsh regimen again, doctors from the Cancer Therapy & Research  Center at the University of Texas Health Science Center suggested a new treatment. A treatment that would turn Williams, a 54 year-old Natalia man, into what is essentially, a guinea pig. 

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  The scourge of Hepatitis C may be on its way out, or that is what doctors behind a new treatment are saying. Researchers are making the prediction that the pernicious disease could be eradicated in 15 years with the right outreach.