Texas Workforce Commission

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), in partnership with 28 local workforce development boards and the Texas Veterans Commission, will host statewide veterans hiring fairs on Thursday, Nov. 12. TWC’s fourth annual Hiring Red, White & You! Statewide Hiring Fair is a joint initiative supported by the Office of the Governor, the Texas Medical Center and the Texas Veterans Commission to connect veterans and their spouses in Texas with employers who are seeking veterans’ exceptional skills.

San Antonio is Military City USA, and that fact rang loud and clear on The Source Wednesday afternoon. When discussion of the new book "Tattooed On My Soul: Texas Veterans Remember WWII," allowed for listeners to phone in with their family stories of war. A deluge of calls followed.  

From Texas Standard:

Part of the mission at Dress for Success is to help women achieve financial independence. That includes women veterans. A higher percentage of female vets are unemployed than male vets.

"I have an interview this afternoon," Julia Hill says.


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Veterans Day is Wednesday, November 11 – and this year the Veterans Administration is asking us to do something different on that day. They want to make it a day to record an interview with a veteran in your life and send that interview to be saved at the Library of Congress.  The Veterans History Project will collect, preserve and make accessible the oral and written histories of those who served in America’s conflicts. Bob Patrick is the director of the Veterans History Project.

The concept of injured veterans as a group has only been around for 150 years, and has grown exponentially from the technological advances in life-saving battlefield medical attention.

From the Revolutionary War to Iraq and Afghanistan, a new documentary analyzes the stories of wounded warriors and the changing understanding of what is owed to our wounded. Beyond burns and amputations, the dramatic psychological scars have led to soaring suicide rates and the need for increased mental health care. 

How do we ensure our veterans get the care they need?