West Side

San Antonio Bcycle

The west side of San Antonio is a predominantly Hispanic, economically underserved, yet historically and culturally rich neighborhood.

It’s also a bike desert.

San Anto Cultural Arts

From festivals to block parties to a museum date night, there’s a lot going on around the San Antonio area this weekend.  Here's a snapshot of some of those events. 

First off tonight at the San Antonio Museum of Art discover contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art. Leslie Tolbert says tonight is Date Night.  

"It's two-for-one admission. And then there will be food and drinks and a didgeridoo player, which will be very cool--Steve Daniel--as well as a film outside on the green later in the evening."

Jack Morgan

On the west side of San Antonio is a museum without walls. Many say the exhibit brings a sense of pride and history to that unique part of the city.

Jack Morgan / Texas Public Radio

A city commission voted Wednesday to approve the demolition of the iconic Malt House on San Antonio’s West Side. The restaurant is a designated historic landmark with countless longtime fans, but that probably won’t stop a 7-Eleven from popping up in its place.

The Malt House drive-in has been a popular gathering place since it opened in 1949. At a Historic Design Review Commission meeting Wednesday, residents argued that bulldozing it would be a devastating loss.  

Paul Flahive

The Royal Jesters, Henry and the Kasuals, Rudy and his Reno Bops, Sonny and the Sunliners, these are just a few of the many bands that defined a genre known as Chicano Soul or the West Side Sound. Mixing Doo-Wop with horns and Soul, the music filled the dance halls, garages, and households of San Antonio's West Side through the 60s and 70s.