Witte Museum

Courtesy Witte Museum

From whale-gazing to jazz to Tango music, a fun weekend is ahead in San Antonio. 

Christian Jaime

From an exhibit opening to blues at the Japanese Tea Garden to triplets at the Carver, TPR's Arts and Culture reporter Jack Morgan says the weekend is here.

David Martin Davies

The ancient rock art painting known as the White Shaman has fascinated Texans for generations. The mysterious painting was created by the native people of Texas thousands of years ago but now it's digitally coming to the San Antonio Witte Museum as part of their new expansion and the People of the Pecos exhibit.

Courtesy of the Witte Museum

For more than 3,000 years the Maya civilization spread from the Yucatan out covering a third of Mesoamerica at its peak. It overlapped current-day Guatemala and Belize and western parts of El Salvador and Honduras. It developed one of the most sophisticated hieroglyphic-based writing systems in the pre-Columbian Americas.

Alexander Devora

From ballet to free plants to honoring the history of the horse--the weekend is packed with fun things to do.