World Music

Kadellar / Wikimedia Commons

Earlier in 2015, I attended Austin's SXSW Festival, and as always was thrilled to meet so many talented musicians from around the globe. Three stand-out performers really caught my attention this year: two guys and a gal, Dani Carbonell from Uruguay but who lives in Spain, Rocky Dawuni from Ghana, who lives at present in Los Angeles, and Levante, an Italian female who was discovered whilst working as a barista in Italy.

Betto Arcos — world-music connoisseur and host of the Cosmic Barrio podcast — is a frequent guest of weekends on All Things Considered, where he shares the music he's discovered in his travels.

The U.S. and Cuba formally reestablished diplomatic relations today. Among the American-based Cubans who have been paying close attention to the thawing between the two countries are the members of the musical group Tiempo Libre.

They first met as students at Cuba’s musical conservatory, Escuelas Nacionales de Arte, and when they reunited in Miami over 12 years ago, they made it their mission to bring the music and rhythms of Cuba to the world.