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Brian Eno. David Bowie. Kraftwerk. Radiohead. Aphex Twin. The National. These are just some of the contemporary artists and bands who have looked up to American composer Steve Reich.

Esther Haase / Sony Music

Writing an artist bio is a thankless task. You have to list the subject's accomplishments, offer a brief history of their life and study, and maybe include an inspiring quote or two from the artist themselves. Usually, they're given a cursory read while you're waiting for a concert to begin, or maybe glanced at on a website. But in the age of Wikipedia, maybe it's time to spice up the artist bio. In fact, why not go for broke?

Phil Houseal

Symphony of the Hills' new season begins with an unexpected bang. That bang will be provided by the style of music: Rach & Roll.

Neville Marriner, the conductor and violinist who was something of an entrepreneur as well as the guiding spirit behind one of the most successful classical recordings of all time — the soundtrack to the 1984 smash movie Amadeus — died overnight at age 92 at his home in London. His death was announced by the chamber orchestra he founded, the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields.


It wasn’t too long ago that a friend of mine asked me about why I enjoy listening to LPs. It’s not because I feel they sound superior to compact discs, I explained—though I do enjoy the rich, warm sound of a good vinyl record. Instead, I like the way the LP format makes me focus on the music I’m listening to more intently than I would with a CD, let alone my trusty iPod Shuffle. Those formats have their place, but they also feed into our growing national case of ADHD. When I sit down with a beautiful album, my tendency is to let it play all the way through.